Iceland is going to kill 2,000 whales. Stop them

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Whaling is inhumane, doesn’t make economic sense, and is illegal.

Iceland just announced that it is going to kill over 2,000 whales in the next five years. Despite the fact that it is a member of the International Whaling Commission (which was set up to manage commercial whaling) and are only actually allowed to kill 209 fin whales and 217 minke whales a year, they are killing 2,000. There is no public support for whaling in Iceland itself.  

The International Whaling Commission placed a ban on whaling in the 1980s, yet Iceland continues to hunt and kill whales. In fact, last summer, Iceland killed two rare whale species and at least a dozen pregnant females. Whales are one of the most intelligent beings in the world. They call to each other using names and experience grief when another dies. The population of some species of whales are at concerning levels, and killing 2,000 of them isn’t going to make it better. Whale hunting is cruel and inhumane. Whales are often pursued to the point of exhaustion, some whales are harpooned multiple times before eventually dying. They are dragged by the ship and eventually suffocate because their heads are forced underwater.

The International Whaling Commission must go further than denouncing Iceland’s actions. They must remove Iceland as a member of the Commission. Iceland has gone against their rules and belief systems time and time again, and it has to be stopped. Without anyone holding them accountable, Iceland will continue killing whales. It has to stop. Sign now to urge the International Whaling Commission to hold Iceland accountable.

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