Stop Whaling, Iceland

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Icelandic whale hunters will resume their murders for the endangered fin whale this year after a two-year pause and have set a target of 191 kills for the season.

An apparent loosening of Japanese regulations on Icelandic exports had made the resumption of these murders commercially viable again, the country’s only fin whaling company, Hvalur, announced.

The firm also has plans to collaborate with researchers from the University of Icelandto develop unnecessary medicinal products made of whale blubber and bones, aimed at combating iron deficiency.

Sigursteinn Masson, at the Icelandic branch of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw), said: “I’m very disappointed. This decision is not based on real market needs and is not in line with public opinion polls on whaling, which doesn’t belong in modern times.”

Iceland’s whaling season opens on 10 June and the authorities have granted its whalers a quota of 161 fin whales in 2018, compared to 150 in 2017. In addition, Hvalur’s two ships are entitled to hunt 20% of its unused quota from last year, which means it will be allowed to murder an 30 additional whales.

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