Make the BC Government Take Action Over the ICBC Insurance Cost

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ICBC started as an affordable universal insurance company for the drivers of BC, they turned out to goug the pockets of the people they were supposed to help and in the 2017/2018 fiscal year still managed to have a $935 million net loss. The solution they came up with for this problem sounds great, charge people who get into accidents more and the drivers more at risk of such an event. This means that all new drivers in BC with no at fault collisions are looking at an annual basic coverage cost of $2350, this does not include any collision, third party liability or any other optional coverage. This “solution” that ICBC came up with is charging all the new drivers in BC 26% more than what a new driver pays in any other province in Canada (Alberta $1464, Ontario $1992 and so on). With outrageous car insurance costs and housing here costing more (and being harder to get) than anywhere else in Canada, why should young people stay in BC? 

This petition will draw attention to the issues young people are facing when it comes to living in BC. We cannot afford to go to school, drive, and have a life. I want to call upon our elected provincial government to do their job and work for the people of BC. We elected them to represent us and do what is best for us however, the living costs we are facing are more than anyone can afford and this needs to stop. We need the government to step up and take control of the situation and make life better for the young people of BC starting with ICBC and the cost of car insurance.,damage%20to%20a%20third%20party,car%20insurance%20than%20Ontario%20drivers