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South Africa Mobile Network Operators: #DataMustNotExpire - Stop Data and airtime expiry

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Cell phone service providers are literally ripping people off on the expiry of prepaid airtime. This is simple. Money used to purchase prepaid airtime is hard earned cash of the purchaser and once the airtime is purchased, the airtime should belong to the purchaser and used when the purchaser sees fit. The fact that purchasers are putting money up front and using airtime in the future, gives services providers the advantage of having money before the product is actually utilized. So service providers are earning interest on money they they are getting in advance. Reality is, they all in it for the money but how that money is being earned is unethical. Why should airtime have a shelf life? It is not a perishable commodity. #DataMustNotExpire

Someone wrote a message to me asking me why I am so concerned about‪ #‎DataMustNotExpire‬ I simply replied that without access to information (internet, voice calls etc) you are as good as dead and the poor people out there are being pushed out of the knowledge train as a result of high data costs which are being driven by unethical practices like expiring prepaid data that people have bought with their hard earned cash. I will not be silent as this continues, I know for sure a victory here in South Africa willmean we can take the fight to other African contries. The African child cannot be sacrificed for profits. These big companies have to have the consumer's well-being at heart, until then the struggle continues.
‪#‎DataMustExpire‬ Any lawyers out there??? Let's start a class action suite ... there are many of us that get burnt this way
1.) Prepaid airtime -lost and not carried over
2.) Prepaid data - lost and not carried over
3.) On contracts with "free" minutes, data or sms- this is also not carried over
And then there are damages...e.g.
I buy 1Gb of data. I use only 100Mb.. The next month it is "lost". Then I used 200Mb...but I get billed at R2 a minute now !!! So I get charged R400 for this ....
So over and above the fact that I just purchase 1Gb of data at say R200. I get charged a further R400 for data I would have had in my bundle ... but did not because they do not carryover.
Same applies to voice and sms.
Let's start a class action. I will volunteer to be part of the complainants !!

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