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A petition to tell national heads of government, national legislatures, and Internet maintainers to disconnect select China networks from the Internet.

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Allowing malicious Internet traffic to pass a country Internet border so that it may waltz to it's next victim is not in the best public interest. I propose banning any hop of traffic that is listed by a per country-maintained list of a country’s cybersecurity emergency response team. The ban would be of select networks of certain countries, namely China(1), a country with known instances of wide-scale, continuing malicious penetration into Internet-connected systems around the world. Welcoming every hop of traffic from China(1) has not been in the interest of the policy of the security of the Internet and Internet-connected devices, and causes malicious harm to users.

I propose large clean-pipe connections at the earliest possible exit point from China(1), so that no large-scale select Internet network may pass traffic from China(1) without any possible banning of the passing traffic to countries that ban such select Internet network traffic. By defending an open Internet, presently openness in this case is being used for freedom to cause whatever harm is possible with no rule of law in China(1), which often times may be illegal outside of China(1).

I'm asking for you to let your friends and family of the millions of people affected by compromised data (from OPM, Anthem, Home Depot, Target Corporation...) know of this petition and submit agreement (submit to the right of this webpage if you agree).

(1). China is not the only country with select Internet network traffic that may be banned. Select Internet networks of any other to-be-listed country listed by a country’s cybersecurity emergency response team such as select far-east European countries and Russia may be banned--countries with known instances of wide-scale, continuing malicious penetration into Internet-connected systems around the world.

References:  "...the military units that have been responsible for these hacks have actually had their mission taken away from them and it was given to the Ministry of State Security, their version of the CIA."  The United States charged five Chinese military officers.  (pdf)

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