Bring an end to forceful & malicious advertisements.

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Advertisements used to help website owners and businesses bring in more traffic and raise income. Today there is such a large amount of advertisements that are malicious, forceful and even threatening. This is not right and users can sucked into these malicious ads and get viruses and other harmful programs forced onto their computer. Ad blocks are great and internet security can also help prevent this but it doesn't protect us as much as we need to be protected. Many websites now force you to disable any ad blocks you may have which leaves us vulnerable to ad attacks. 

Today I was trying to download a file from a popular file sharing site, the site forced me to disable my adblock. When I did I was attacked by 8 Tabs. 3 duplicates of the download page, so that it would make me battle all the ads again, and 5 tabs of nonsense fake security websites pretending to be Microsoft with pop ups telling me my device was infected and tabs with explicit content.

I'm sure I feel the same as many of you do. Its time to put an end to this. We need to come together and fight back. We can make the internet safer by stopping these ads. We need ICANN, Google and Website owners work together and put a STOP to these malicious ads. Thank you for reading.