Justice for CA students

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Dear Students how many attempts have you given for your CA exams?  Do you blame your efforts each time or is it someone else playing with your career !

We all know ICAI is known for manipulating results and inspite of 12 lakh students protesting last year and despite getting support of politicians and media, students got no help !

CA Exams have become more of Lucky Draw System rather then based on merit where deserving students keep wasting time, money, energy for years and yet things are not in favour and students and their families end up facing lot of problems like stress, depression, dead social life, financial problems, wasted time and so on and yet students have no ears to listen to the problem !

Students enter into course with dreams and passion not knowing that he is being played by insiders just for sake of making money!

Lets collectively demand RETROSPECTIVE justice for this problem because today its someone else who is facing all this, but tomorrow it could be you and you won't be able to fight the battle alone against this huge monster. 

So lets stand united against this non transparent checking by ICAI. 

Share your stories, Share your struggle and lets fight for a better tomorrow. Atleast we don't want corruption in education right !

# Dear ICAI please change and amend section 39(4) Retrospectively. 

In photo: 0 marks awarded on 10 for 7 out of 8 correct steps and yet they say they give stepwise marks !!