Empower young people in TV broadcasting, say so to Canadian Parliament.

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Young people are as isolated as ever because of their phones, and seniors face isolation too. Can TV Broadcasters empower youth to be creative, contribute to Canadian culture/media, and make the world a better place ? Can Canadian TV be saved ? Can families come together , as youth give a broadcast voice to seniors ? Here is an example of our mentored youth , giving voice to seniors:


The Virtual Studio for Youth and Community is a mentored and collaborative web space that connects youth with professional and peer support , across Canada and around the world, empowering younger and older people to be media creators in conjunction with local TV Broadcasters, bridge-builders between generations and cultures, story-tellers, and beneficiaries of a BlockChain-supported Open Badge economy that values creativity , mentorship, and personal growth.

Now we can appeal to our legislators, as they revise the Broadcast Act. Give youth and families a direct route to the broadcast system , no matter the TV channel. Help encourage creativity, and reward it.

We are pitching that this be legislated into the new version of the Broadcast Act, and we call it The Virtual Studio for Youth and Community .