BTS in Cardiff!

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BTS London tickets sold out within seconds. It was heartbreaking.

KPOP Idols and other singers - tend to ignore Wales. Thinking their music isn't known  here because the country isn't 'popular'

I can prove to you, BTS is loved here in Wales.

You can live in Scotland - Ireland - Sweden - England, etc. I know that getting to Cardiff is easier than getting to London.

I was in Cardiff a few days ago - Wearing my BTS LY JIMIN shirt. A few ARMYS came up to me, and I saw around 20+ people who had some sort of BTS/BT21 merch. 

I know the Mortopoint Arena doesn't have many seats, but it's over 1k and definetly worth it. 

It would make Welsh ARMY and many more proud.

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