Stop Pets at Home Selling Bearded Dragons at all shops

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On 25th October 2016, I had to make the heartbreaking decision to get my 7 month old Bearded Dragon, Smaug, put down. I purchased him from Pets at Home at the end of April.

Little did I know how much you could fall so in love with a tiny lizard until I bought Smaug from Pets at Home. Unfortunately after just two weeks of having him I became aware of a worm infestation so severe it had caused him to prolapse. The vet confirmed he would've got them from poor breeding conditions, despite PAH telling me the breeders worm them before sale when I called to complain. Just three months later we then find out he's got an infection so bad it's spread to his toes and bones. Three lots of antibiotics later and he's no better. Pets at Home should be ashamed of themselves for selling lizards from a breeder that clearly overpopulates the environment they're kept in and does nothing to ensure they're healthy before selling them and they still claim they put 'pets before profits'.

I don't want any one to go through the complete heartbreak I have so please sign this petition to ask Pets at Home to stop selling bearded dragons at all of their shops. I can't bring Smaug back or get the time back we should've spent together but I can stop any one else from going through what we have.

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