NS, allow bears to be saved and re-introduced into the wild, like all but 1 other province

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Late Monday night, MLA Allan MacMaster posted on his official FaceBook page that:
    “We have a little bear cub to save. A mother bear died and her cubs were found today (Monday) trying to hide in trees nearby here in Inverness County. Nova Scotia is one of only two provinces that do not allow bears to be saved and re-introduced to the wild. Hope for Wildlife is willing to take them with a plan to return them to the wild, but unless the policy is changed, one of the bears will be taken to a wildlife park, and the other will be euthanised. That could happen as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). Who wants to help? Share this post, like it, or comment on it. The more interest people take, the greater the chance these cubs will have to live. Why not let Hope for Wildlife have a chance to try?”

By the afternoon on Tuesday, DNR was meeting with biologists who would be assessing the bear cubs. One bear cub was healthy and the other was in a more vulnerable position.

Sadly, the  cubs were separated but at least not euthanasized, as expected (only due to public outcry on Facebook).
One bear cub was sent to The Two Rivers Wildlife Park and the other cub, which requires medical attention, was sent to the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park.

This need not have happened.Hope for Wildlife (HFW) is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation and education centre located on a farm in Seaforth, Halifax. They can build an appropriate enclosure, ensure the bears are not imprinted with humans and release them in areas of the province where they will not be a nuisance to humans or farmers.

These policies are the easiest to change. Let’s ask them to do just that.

Please contact Minister Rankin to ask that legislation be updated to be in line with other provinces.