"Un-reasonable changes in the Parent Resident Category NZ"

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New changes introduced by immigration NZ in the Parent Resident Category will deeply affect the majority of Indian immigrants living in NZ. Un-reasonable increase in the income level $106,080 and $212,160 for sponsors has made the category unattainable for many of us. Parent category was on hold since Oct 2016 and we have waited patiently for 3 years and in return, we received an unexpected result from our elected government. I strongly believe that the government / Immigration Minister should rethink with reasonable terms. It is our culture to support and live with our parents and previous statements made by NZ First party that we are failing in supporting our parents and leaving them stranded is so disappointing and insulting to us. I can't understand how can the government justify their own statements by increasing the financial funds for the sponsor. How can the government judge our emotions, love, and affection for our parents by increasing the sponsor funds and making other harsh changes in the policy?
It is my request to all of you to support and share this petition so that we can together oppose this new change.