Petitioning Minister of State - DWP Iain Duncan Smith

Review the cuts falling disproportionately on disabled people and carers

Pat's Petition went up on the UK Government website on 1 November 2011. While it was open it was signed by 62,707 people - an exceptional result that shows the level of outrage and distress being caused by these cuts.

Unfortunately, government petitions close after one year. But the battle to defend disabled people and carers from this maelstrom goes on. Pat and her supporters continue to fight. If you missed the opportunity to sign  the petition before it closed, and would like to add your support now, please sign here.

The government were embarking on wholesale reform of the benefit system when the economic crisis struck. These welfare reforms had not been piloted and the plan was to monitor and assess the impact of the new untried approach as it was introduced in a buoyant economy. Unfortunately since then the economy has gone in to crisis and the government has simultaneously embarked on a massive programme of cuts. This has created a perfect storm and left disabled people/those with ill health, and their carers reeling, confused and afraid.

We ask the government to stop this massive programme of piecemeal change until they can review the impact of all these changes, taken together, on disabled people and their carers.

We ask the government to stand by its duty of care to disabled people and their carers. At the moment the covenant seems to be broken and they do not feel safe.

Illness or disability could affect any one of us at any time, while many more of us are potential carers.

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  • Minister of State - DWP
    Iain Duncan Smith

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