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IAEA,NRA,AEC,TEPCO ,Nobuteru Ishihara (Minister of the Environment): Japan should entrust all nuclear plant business to France / EU or USA.


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" Tepco Says Contaminated Water Tank Leak May Have Started in July "

I am surprised at this irresponsibility !_______________________________________________________

Even now,the Japanese government does not have a sense of crisis at all.
Japanese media never report the serious situation.
(The page of japanese news is given to 4000 hits of Ichiro rather than disclosure of radioactive contamination water.)The nuclear power plant disaster in 2011 is a man-made disaster of economical priority. (people already know that.) This accident was able to be prevented. All were disregarded although specialists other than the government side had advised the risk management of tsunami assumption. I believe Japan has the technical knowledge.
However, a management system gives priority to specific industry interest, and the government and media protect it.The Japanese government considers the ocean to be a huge garbage can.

Now, a national tax is used for accident processing. And an electric bill goes up. That is, the victim has to be paid the money to an assailant.
Nobody is accused of a crime. The penalty from the world is not in TEPCO, either.
Because IAEA Director General is a Japanese?

Nuclear pollution is in progress.
Tokyo Olympic Games 2020? NO WAY !
I cannot understand the idea which is going to invite the Olympic Games in the nuclear pollution in a present progressive. Criminal consciousness is lacking.

The world is an import restriction to Japanese agricultural products.
A contamination standard of Japan is operated skillfully and differs from the global standard.

;IAEA  International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna International Centre
PO Box 100
1400 Vienna, Austria
Tel: (+43-1) 2600-0 Fax: (+43-1) 2600-7

;IAEA Office at the United Nations
1 United Nations Plaza, Room DC-1-1155
New York, NY 10017 USA
Tel: (001) 212-963-6010 or 6011; Fax: (001) 917-367-4046

;IAEA Office in Geneva
United Nations, Room B 426
Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10 Switzerland
Tel: (+41-22) 917-3632
Fax: (+41-22) 917-0066

;Atomic Energy Commission
Central Government Building No.4 (7F)
3-1-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8970, JAPAN
Tel: +81 3 3581 6690
Fax: +81 3 3581 9828

;TEPCO Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.

;Nuclear Regulation Authority
1-9-9 Roppongi-First Building,
Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 106-8450

;Nobuteru Ishihara (Minister of the Environment)

;Toshimitu Motegi (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Other power generation methods are the next subjects.
Japan should outsource to  France/ EU or U.S.

As an immediate subject, the world should impose the penalty on TEPCO as a prevention-of-nuclear-proliferation ordinance about this leak. The world should take business from TEPCO.
Japanese media never report the serious situation.
If Japan want to hold nuclear power generation, japan should entrust all the business to overseas.

Japan does not have a sense of responsibility as a member at the world too much. An ocean is possession of all the living things. The Japanese government is too irresponsible. Secretiveness of Japan is damage for the earth.



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  • Minister of the Environment
    Nobuteru Ishihara
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    Yukiya Amano
  • IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
  • IAEA Office at the United Nations
  • IAEA Office in Geneva
  • Atomic Energy Commission
  • TEPCO Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.
  • Nuclear Regulation Authority
  • Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
    Toshimitu motgi

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