iACADEMY Petition: Students' Demands!

iACADEMY Petition: Students' Demands!

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Central Student Organization - iACADEMY started this petition to iACADEMY (Information and Communications Technology Academy)

The incompetence of the iACADEMY administration in pushing forth anti-student policies and prioritizing a system that perpetuates commercialization of education instead of inclusivity is a gross and disrespectful demonstration against the sustainability of our democracy. With great audacity, they have nonetheless persisted over the course of weeks even amidst the global threat of COVID-19.

As major stakeholders directly affected by the onslaught of their draconian decisions and principles, our discontented clamor echo louder in expending all measures necessary to refocus their attention to the core needs of the entire iACADEMY community and underpin the crisis especially for the underprivileged minority.

We are fully aware of the conditions of the present and serve as the baseline in concluding the futile band-aid efforts to tweak and create "transformative, alternative, lenient and flexible" new modes of learning. We cannot continue the disparity between a misguided ideal of a better/stronger/higher academic excellence, as if there isn't an ongoing health and economic crisis in our country.

Furthermore, we rally on behalf of our beloved professors whose jobs, overall health and rights are caught in between the crossfire of the iACADEMY administration's hopelessness.

Hence, both the Senior High School and College student body along with its organizations, the parents and the alumni stand in solidarity to assert their rights in protecting and upholding the sanctity of the school as an institution for education.

We are giving iACADEMY no later than May 11, 2020 to adhere to our demands as follows:


    a. Immediate suspension of online classes and termination of 3rd term S.Y. 2019-2020

    b. Pass all eligible Senior High School and College students this semester by giving them a P (pass) mark in all their classes.

    c. The “P” pass mark will not influence the computation for the students’ General Weighted Average (GWA) and thus will not affect those running for graduation honors.

    d. There will be no Dean’s List for the third semester of S.Y. 2019-2020.

    e. Non-graduating students are automatically promoted to the next level (including those on probation)

    f. Graduating students will be cleared to graduate under the following conditions:

    • Passed all classes prior to the current semester.
    • Cleared liabilities from all school departments and offices.
    • Successfully processed necessary clearances for graduation


    a. As it should be arranged by their respective departments, students opting for numerical grades should file for a request to their respective dean’s offices within a given time period (to be advised by the school). No requests shall be honored after the time period.

    b. The numerical grade applies to all the student’s current classes and not just classes of the student’s choice.

    c. Once approved, the requested numerical grade is binding and no student can opt to revert their standing to a “P” mark instead.

    d. The basis for letter grades are as follows:

    • For non-thesis courses: The current class standing and the one additional work (for submission to be discussed and assigned by the professor).
    • For thesis courses: The current class standing, the thesis/capstone project and the one additional work (for submission to be discussed and assigned by the professor).
    • For graduation honors, cumulative GWA will only be computed up until the 2nd semester of S.Y. 2019-2020. If the student requests for a numerical grade and this is approved, the 3rd semester of S.Y. 2019-2020 will be added to the computation of the GWA. It is important to note that students can either get a higher cumulative GWA or run the risk of getting a low cumulative GWA. Choosing a numerical grade can also mean incurring a failing grade.


    Students with a GWA from the previous term that meet the academic requirement for scholarships is enough and will carry over to the current semester. Otherwise, students in need of numerical grades to meet the academic requirements of the scholarship should file for a request to their respective dean’s offices within the given time period (to be advised by the school).


    Little to no companies/organizations are accepting internships/student immersions and allowing work-from-home schemes, all requirements for students enrolled in these subject courses this term will be given duly consideration and shall be postponed until further notice. The school reserves the right to protect the general health and welfare of its students and should not push for the completion of external requirements during the crisis.


    The school has already provided an initiative to sit-in during their professors' classes in the next academic year to catch up on their lessons through personal lectures.

    But to further address the lack of course materials usage, iACADEMY has already long been advertising on their page its conduction of free workshops and seminars on various topics and they can continue to do so by providing free audit/remedial classes, free workshops and free modular activities onsite and online after the current semester. Specific guidelines should be crafted by the concerned programs and departments in consultation with their respective deans. This bridging program is essential to ensure that students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for the next academic year/semester.

    In addition, while professors will not be giving academic requirements, they can continue to provide videos, reading materials and handouts for students who may want to study at their own pace.


    a. A partial refund of tuition fees on all unused laboratory and miscellaneous fee expenses.

    b. In line with iACADEMY's statement on tuition fee refunds, the students and parents reserve the right to know where exactly their money is going. We demand for a transparent expense report/tuition breakdown that includes the 5% and 8% computations the school came up with for the refund.

    c. To cater to the different financial needs and urgencies of students, an option for partial reimbursements be prepared immediately for physical release and not just be treated as fee credits for the following term.

To be clear, we demand for more efficient pro-people/student long-term solutions from the iACADEMY administration. These are all nudging reminders for the institution to adhere to their core values lest our rights to education be treated as business and stepped on as we face the worsening reality of this pandemic.

In these unprecedented times, when we have been pushed to our limits, the most heroic thing we can do is to exercise our humanity by making sound judgments that appeal to the betterment of all.

Keep safe and strong, Game Changers. Our fight continues!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!