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I was 4yrs when they took my daddy away

I am Catrina X Gonzalez, 9 years old, and my father, Cirino Gonzalez, exposed U.S. Marshal plans to kill Elaine & Edward Brown.
He is now in prison for practicing his 1st & 2nd Amendments Rights.
Cirino Gonzalez made a stand against a corrupt system in order to prevent a repeat of the 1993 Waco, Texas Branch Davidian massacre of innocent men, women, & children (including babies) by Federal officers, for which all officers avoided murder charges or even repremands without so much as an investigation.
The New Hampshire area U.S. Marshals Office's plans to use lethal force to obtain custody of Elaine & Edward Brown were thwarted when the Browns' dog, Zoe, and a guest (Daniel Riley) staying at the Browns' house stumbled upon camouflaged U.S. Marshals with live ammunition awaiting to pounce on the Browns.
After several months of U.S. Marshals exaggerating details of the Browns' defenses, Cirino "Reno" Gonzalez was apprehended at his father's Texas home, beaten by at least seven Federal agents, denied medical services, and railroaded through the court.
Several witnesses for Cirino's defense were threatened by U.S. Marshals and U.S. Attorneys, while others were harassed, arrested on false charges, and jailed to coerce them from testifying.
A biased judge added extra time to Cirino's sentence to compensate for the jury's failure to convict Cirino on a weapons charge.
The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals ramrodded the lower court's decision by threatening defense attorneys with removal of their licenses to practice law and the Supreme Court of the United States refuses to review the case despite the fact that a previous Supreme Court panel has already ruled in favor of Cirino's defense argument in several similar cases.

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