I want to run at Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games

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My name is Sara Andrés and I am a paralympic athlete. When I was 25, I lost my feet in an accident. Since then I struggled to walk, work and finally run again. Thanks to the athletics, I have discovered a way to outdo myself everyday and to show everyone that misfortune can bring out the best in you.

I started to race in 2015 and in 2016 I attended the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

I raced in the 400, 200 and 100 metre races. In 2017, at the London World Championship, I got the 3rd place in my favourite competitions: 400 and 200 metres.

Winning two medals was a huge personal triumph which filled me with joy and satisfaction. These victories confirmed that life may be sometimes a gift, even though it is often terribly harsh. In that moment, which was the sweetest in my life, I've been told that from the following World Championship – and then Paralympic Games – my favourite races wouldn't take place anymore.

They removed the 200 and 400 mt without any reasons. My sadness soon became frustration and resentment because they didn't remove those races in a equal way. Indeed, men can still run, also in the 400 mt. Furthermore, the athletes I run with, who has only one amputated leg under the knee, still have the opportunity to race in the 200 mt. that means, only who has a double transtibial amputation like me has been left out.

It's for this reason that I'm here now, asking for your help. I'm here to fight against all the injustices and in order that all men and women, regardless of their disability level, can race in the same competitions. I fight in order that these people have the same opportunity to show the whole world who they are and what they are able to do.

I ask you to sign this campaign in order to request to the International Paralympic Committee to allow us to attend these races without any exclusion for being women with a double amputation

I'm not asking for help only on my behalf but also on behalf of the thousands of people who have a disability. I want us to have the same opportunities like the others. It is extremely important that the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games respect this equality which is supported by the principles of the the Games itself.

I strongly believe that by joining our forces we will be able to ask that bilateral amputated women (T62) can run at the 400 mt, in the same way men of the same category do, and at the 200 mt, as the monolateral transfemoral amputated women (T63) do.

Asking equality and parity within the Paralympic Games is a compelling issue.