I Want Poo Free Parks! Sign the PET-ition!

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I Want Poo Free Parks! Sign the PET-ition!

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Started by Aaa BBQ

Dog owners, dog lovers, dog haters...no matter who you are, everyone despises stepping in POO at the park. The solution is proven and simple: provide the dog poo bags necessary for owners to pick up, and they will DOO it. Unfortunately, the cost for biodegradable bags, conveniently located dispensers, and continuous service is unaffordable for most park systems.

That’s when the Poo Free Parks Founder, Bill Airy, realized a brilliant solution: create a local business that provides a convenient and consistent supply of biodegradable bags to dog owners, but instead of charging the taxpayers, find local businesses who want to support the cause by advertising on a discrete sign attached to each station. This ensures that the dispenser stations are always filled with good quality biodegradable bags, free from graffiti and vandalism, and at no cost to the City or its taxpayers. Simple. Perfect.

Unfortunately, while your parks managers believe that this is a good program, there are a couple of residents out there who would claim that they speak for you, and would rather watch all of us step in poo than see this eco-friendly program enter our parks. They are putting up quite a stink, and this PET-ition serves as a way to turn their bark into the whimper that it really is.

Poo Free Parks® partners with municipalities around the nation to supply, install, and maintain eco-friendly pet clean-up stations, at no cost to the City or the taxpayer. Best of all, sponsorship revenues generated by Poo Free Parks® are shared with the park system for use towards other community programs.

If you feel that your park system should partner with Poo Free Parks, then please sign this PET-tion and pass it along.


More about Poo Free Parks:

Poo Free Parks® is a privately owned and operated small business providing environmentally-responsible pet waste supplies and services to local communities across the U.S. The Poo Free Parks® program is aimed at reducing the amount of harmful plastics in our environment, accumulation of dog waste in our parks and open spaces, and the cost burden typically associated with providing such services by local municipalities and taxpayers. Our eco-friendly dog waste program is currently active in over 15 communities across the country serving more than 275 parks and 850 stations and we are eager to add more park systems to our growing list of participating municipalities.

Poo Free Parks® supplies, installs, and maintains environmentally-friendly pet clean-up stations within dog parks, recreational areas and other open space at no cost to the public. Our program is supported by area residents, businesses, and organizations through cause marketing efforts, aligning sponsors with a community-based, environmentally-friendly, and socially-engaged marketing opportunity. Program sponsors, who help defray the cost for the program, are recognized for their participation on signage attached to each station.

We look forward to bringing the Poo Free Parks® program to residents through partnerships with as many local Park Districts around the country as possible. The Park System simply pays a one-time “per-station partnership fee” of $175, after which all costs associated with pet waste supplies and maintenance will be eliminated from the annual budget. For this consideration, Poo Free Parks® returns 10% of its sponsorship revenue to the Parks, which can be allocated toward other park programs.

We have helped save other participating municipalities tens of thousands of dollars per year on supplies and maintenance fees and welcome the partnership of new Park Systems.

We are confident this program will allow residents and park visitors to continue enjoying open spaces throughout the City, while disposing of pet waste properly, reducing the amount of harmful plastics in the environment, and reducing the budgetary burden on the Park District for dog waste supplies and maintenance.

Please voice your support for the Poo Free Parks® program by signing your name to the petition and encouraging others who you believe support our parks, our communities and our environment to do the same. We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to bringing the Poo Free Parks® program to a park near you!


Poo Free Parks

Email: Info@PooFreeParks.com

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This petition had 544 supporters

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