#FreedomFromTraffic by Carpooling | Quick Ride

#FreedomFromTraffic by Carpooling | Quick Ride

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Tier 1 Cities in India are suffering from Traffic problems!

For Instance, Bangalore… one of the fastest growing cities, also known as India’s Silicon Valley, and a house of more than two million IT workers. It has grown twice its size in past 40 years.

However, this rapid expansion has come at a hefty price. There has been a 6000% increase in the number of vehicles on streets since 1990. And this humongous rise in vehicles have given rise to monstrous traffic. This problem has now become so great that people have started getting anxiety attacks from just the thought of driving to work.

In last 15 years, the rate of movement of traffic has come down from 40 km/hour to 9 km/hour!!

Well, Not everything can be blamed on the government especially when we are the elements of that problem. This Independence Day, let's become the solution.

#FreedomFromTraffic is Quick Ride's initiative to help you provide a breather from the daily traffic. Join us in our mission on reducing carbon footprint and decongesting the roads by encouraging people to carpool.

One small good deed and an unending sense of pride. Don't we all sleep well after finishing a due task? This due task can be as small as cleaning your wardrobe, it doesn't matter. Decongesting the roads are one such due task which all of us are accountable for. Let all of us do our own part and we promise you the results will be visible.

This Independence Day, Pledge to carpool with Quick Ride. Sign-up here, supporting this green mission. We are looking for as many signatures as possible! One day of carpooling might not change the game but hey we all start from somewhere! and what better day to start and become a change than Independence Day.

Sign-up and Pledge to carpool with Quick Ride, #FreedomFromTraffic

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