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I support election reform in Nevada & the Nevada Election Modernization and Reform Act

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Partisanship is destroying our communities, our state, and our nation. It is the most divisive issue facing all elements of society. Governing, at all levels has nearly come to a stand-still. Because more and more voters are turned off by the extreme positions taken by the Democratic and Republican Party bases, a small minority are controlling the choice of candidates leaving most voters unrepresented.

Studies show that when candidates have to appeal to a broader base, campaigns and governing itself becomes more civil and the issues facing our communities get resolved. This is the purpose of the Nevada Election Modernization and Reform Act.

 In Nevada one only needs to look at voter registration for proof. More voters are registering as Non-Partisan than to either the Democratic or Republican Party. More than 25% of Nevada voters are not affiliated with either major party. Younger voters especially are rejecting partisan ideology.

Tell Nevada’s legislative leaders you support efforts to reform Nevada Election law and want them to continue the work started in 2015 by  passing the Nevada Election Modernization and Reform Act for 2017 (NEMRA – 2017) during the legislative session next year. Click here to read.

Legislators began efforts to change the way Nevada conducts elections by introducing Senate Bill 499 during the 2015 session. The bill essentially died in committee, the original wording replaced to solve another issue. Nevada’s elected officials can once again take the lead in addressing this issue by introducing and passing NEMRA – 2017 during the upcoming session. NEMRA – 2017 provides a method of elections that:

·         Saves taxpayers $3 – 4 million each election cycle

·         Recognizes the importance of the growing segment of unaffiliated voters

·         Maximizes voter interest and turnout

·         Reduces extreme partisanship allowing rational campaign and legislative discussion

·         Eliminates strategic voting and the spoiler effect

·         Maintains political parties’ right of association

·         Maintains ballot access for minor political parties

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