Remove the‘I Feel Fat’ & ‘I Feel Ugly’ status options and emoticons! Fat is not a feeling!

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Fat. Ugly. Unworthy. Useless. Unhappy.

Those are words we, like many teenagers, once repeated to ourselves as if it was our mantra. It took years to stop attacking ourselves verbally, and once we finally thought things might be looking up, Facebook decided to push us right back down.

Facebook is embedded in our culture, and we all know it is a tool to keep track of friends and family, but also to compare yourself and your life to theirs. It’s great then, that you can offer a direct and to the point serving of how you feel when you post an update. Your aunt can know how overjoyed you are about that exam result, and your old school friend can read about how frustrated you are about the customer service in that one restaurant.

But also, now you can tell your entire friends list just how much you hate yourself. ‘Fat’ and ‘ugly’ are offered as feelings in the status updates list, and we think it’s wrong.

We think it promotes and supports the endless torrent of judgment and pressure to be perfect felt by young people across the world. We do enough comparing as it is, we don’t need a status update to make it even easier to feel bad about ourselves. Please join us in asking Facebook to reconsider the  “ugly” and “fat” emoticons & options from the status updates, in all languages.

Ours names are Charlotte and Vicky, we are two of a group of women from around the world who have joined with Endangered Bodies to ask Facebook to remove the body-shaming ‘I Feel Fat’ status options and emoticons from all versions of Facebook. Fat is not a feeling!

Today: Charlotte is counting on you

Charlotte King needs your help with “I signed the #fatisnotafeeling petition because fat is not a feeling & body shaming is always wrong”. Join Charlotte and 16,617 supporters today.