Bring in Charlie's Law (for all dogs that are caged in Ireland)

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Happening in Co Donegal  Ireland

Charlie is a female St Bernard who has lived her entire life in a cage. She is eight years old. Her owner meets her basic needs, however, she is never exercised, nor does she enjoy life as a dog should outside of her prison. Her emotional needs are not being met. She is now beginning to show signs of arthritis, and with winter coming he will leave Charlie to endure the freezing temperatures, her only shelter a makeshift wooden kennel in her cage. Charlie needs to be surrendered by her owner into a Rescue space(that's waiting for her) and be able to access Veterinary care. Whatever length of life she has left should include ALL five freedoms. As we understand it, the owner was offered a large sum of money but refused to accept. ISPCA have not seen Charlie, but have said that they are not concerned. People who have tried to rescue her have been cautioned by the Gardai to back off or charges of harassment would be forthcoming. We respectfully demand that ISPCA, Gardai and a Veterinary surgeon (specialising in small animals) immediately reassess this awful situation on the ground. Donegal has access to an I.S.P.C.A  Inspector. We feel this has to happen NOW .....for Charlie.

(For all dogs that are caged chained locked in sheds not being allowed to live out their five freedoms An educational system put in place where people are educated freely on the needs of dogs)

Petition organised by P.A.W (Ireland) .