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Revoke the Tax-Exempt status of the Church of Scientology!

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We don't have a problem with the beliefs of Scientology; here in the United States, people can believe whatever they want.

However, we believe it's wrong when an abusive and fraudulent organization masquerades as a religion, using its tax-exempt status in order to get away with human rights abuses, child labor, fraud, deceptive marketing practices - and even unlawful death.

The worst part is that high-level defectors from the church have alleged that the only reason Scientology has tax exempt status is due to a campaign of harassment and pressure techniques brought to bear against IRS employees during the years. (Read more: here)

In the years following the church's exemption, they have amassed billions of dollars - and not had to account for a penny. During that time, people have died while receiving the church's services - and our government is helpless to investigate, due to the constitutional restrictions protecting a tax-exempt religion. There are far too many dead, but the most famous case, that of the death of Lisa McPherson, can be read here.

The stories from the survivors of the Sea Org, Scientology's "clergy," are nothing less than horrifying; tales of child labor, endangerment, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, sleep deprivation, starvation and more can be found on almost any survivor site. You may find many poignant stories  here.

And all the money goes to a man whom many of his former staffers say is abusing his top executives, even locking them away in an ant-infested double-wide trailer for years of psychological and emotional torture. You can see one former executive's chilling testimony here.

 Scientology's tax exempt status makes all of these abuses possible, and more. It's time for the IRS to pull their exempt status so that justice may be done!

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