Encourage Cade Thompson’s Agency To Send Him To More Cities Throughout Georgia

Encourage Cade Thompson’s Agency To Send Him To More Cities Throughout Georgia

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Started by Hannah Wood

To the person who reads this first..this isn’t something I do often..I really prayed that God would do something..that something miraculous would happen..but it didn’t.

So I’m using this as a last resort. 
First off I wanna say that I have something called Asperger’s Syndrome,it’s something that is on the autism spectrum..but I’m not fully autistic,my brain just processes the world differently..so I pray I can explain this in the best way possible. 

This is a long story,so I’m gonna cut a lot of the detail out! 
I found Cade completely by accident,a mutual friend shared something of his (I saw the friend instastory share him about three times within that week) and the third time,I clicked.

It was his song Every Step of The Way,and I said “Wow that’s really reassuring!”

I followed and it was close to my birthday (not revealing my age for personal reasons,sorry xo!) and my brother got me iTunes money cause I breathe off music,I bought every Cade Thompson song that existed that night.

But in the past 9 months..I’ve started to notice more unbelievers showing up..and more sadness than I have ever seen before..bringing me to the reason I’m writing this..,Cade has come to Georgia..but there is so much more of Georgia that is in great need of revival..in cities like Gainesville,Oakwood,Flowery Branch,Suwanee,Sugar Hill,and Cumming,just to name a few..

I’m thinking of everyone here who hasn’t heard him first…you’d be blessed if you got the chance to hear him if not meet him.

Meeting Cade is a priority for me,but I feel Satan himself is trying to prevent it from happening along with other unfair reasons that’s occurring in the world.

Unfairness was also experienced personally in my lifetime,gifted in both music and dance,but close to being emotionally torn apart by the church. When my AS diagnosis came up,I was looked at as a freak and treated as such.

I got away,but was later diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease (a rare thyroid disorder)

When the pandemic hit..next to Jesus and my older sibling,Jonathan,I had no IRL friends..until I discovered Cade..not longer after I was found by Kaitlyn and Lauren!!

I pray this reaches his record label and agency..and to anyone else who’s a supporter and wants to see Cade come to GA more,just sign and let me know.

I wrote this out because I thought I could make a difference,that Cade could come,and more would see the light of Christ in him. 

Thanks for taking time to read all this xo

Hannah Wood (@_almostdawn_)



19 have signed. Let’s get to 25!