I need my fathers case heard in court

I need my fathers case heard in court

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Started by Faith McLemore

My name is Faith Mclemore. My father is Marvin Andrew Napier Jr.  My father died on Nov. 25, 2019 while being arrested by Clinton County Sherriff Deputies in Ohio.

I have asked several times what happened to my father. The story they told me and the physical evidence on my father's body does not add up. 

There was NO dash or body cameras. Clinton County Sherriff Office did their own investigation instead of calling in BCI or the FBI to conduct an investigation. The autopsy was biased. Detectives were in the room while it was being performed, so there was a measurement on his arm however no measurements of what was on his face. According to the toxicology report everything in his system could have come from over the counter and prescription medication. His friends told me he was beaten to death. I had to fight for my father's body to be released for 2 weeks. When I got my father's body he was beaten. His face has all kinds of markings. I couldn't have a showing of my father due to the extent of the wounds. 

We were asking and pleading for them to refer to BCI to complete an investigation. We were told to get a forensic scientist's opinion then they would. WE did just that and they still refused to make a call that only law enforcement or an agency can make.

So, I am asking people to please share this petition. I want my father's case to be heard and those responsible to be held accountable. They put in a motion to dismiss. I have a court date on the 19th of May addressing that Motion and I pray that the result is in our favor.

Ohio Attorney Generals Office Reviewing news clip:



News when it first happened:


Some of the same people involved in my case were also involved in Casey Pitzer story. Even after a petition and a demand for the opening of investigation, which has not been done. You can read her story here.


Some more information concerning the Casey Pitzer case:



Please look through everything and sign this petition. Please also share. Thank you for your time.


704 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!