I'm on Hunger Strike - Tell Greg Hands to Organise a Climate Briefing Now

I'm on Hunger Strike - Tell Greg Hands to Organise a Climate Briefing Now

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Why this petition matters

Started by Angus Rose

I have been on hunger strike for over five weeks outside Parliament to demand that the UK government organise a public climate briefing and that the briefing be led by the UK's Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance.

Hello, my name is Angus Rose. Climate breakdown is happening now and I'm terrified of the future for my nephews and niece. Young people and future generations deserve a liveable future where they live fulfilled lives that are not tarnished by the poor actions of today's world leaders. I am so concerned about what will happen if we don't face up to the climate crisis in time that I'm willing to die if the demand is not met.

Why is this important for us as a society and future generations? The climate crisis affects communities across the UK, especially those in low socioeconomic circumstances. We've already seen the impacts of the crisis on food prices, fuel prices, energy prices and so much more. The climate crisis is affecting our cost of living and quality of living; we need action by our leaders NOW to take lead in informing the British public about the reality of the climate crisis.

Before COP 26 - the annual global climate conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson received a secret briefing from the Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance. It was about the risks and solutions to the climate crisis. This briefing convinced him of the scale of disaster humanity faces - he described it as a 'road to Damascus' moment.

I demand that Parliament and the Cabinet have a similar briefing and that the briefing is made available to be televised to the public. As it is only by fully understanding the reality of the climate crisis that we can find solutions together. 

And there are now 79 eminent scientists who've signed a letter in support of the demand, including the UK's former chief scientific advisor Sir David King.

Since I started the strike, Greg Hands has failed to agree to the demand on four separate occasions. So I'm remaining on hunger strike until he agrees to organise such a briefing.

In 2021, a father of three in Switzerland went on a hunger strike with a similar demand. The Swiss government eventually organised the climate education for decision-makers that he was asking for. Let's make this happen in the UK.

Support my hunger strike and sign the petition to tell Greg Hands to organise a Climate Briefing now!

Thank you for reading and supporting this petition.


29,979 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!