Write It In - We Need IG Burton!

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Updated SEPTEMBER 18

Help Us Secure 5,000 Signatures By Sunday Evening!

We have not given up! We want to demonstrate the depth and breadth of community support for I.G. – so much support that he will get back in the race. Please sign!

At the same time, your signature will demonstrate to County officials that I.G.’s work must be continued. The first domino has already fallen. This morning the County announced a hard stop on the Wetlands and Buffers Working Group, delaying important work on water quality and flood management [the #1 nonpartisan risk affecting us all].

We need your voice now. It has yet to be heard. A substantial majority of district voters were ineligible to vote in the primary, giving us no voice in the ultimate outcome of this district race, a race decided by the slimmest margin of primary voters.

We need your voice now to demonstrate to I.G. that he is the right candidate.

We need your voice now to let County officials know that the work I.G. champions matters:

  • To the preservation of ALL property values.
  • To the pursuit of smart growth and economic prosperity.
  • To the daily quality of life inherent in the “Sussex Promise”.
  • To the respect for ALL constituents.
  • To the inclusion of ALL stakeholders at the policy decision-making table.

We need your collective voice because we do not want to take “no” for an answer until we must. We are broaching 600 signatures. Let us make it 5,000 by Sunday evening. The deadline for a Write-In candidate is Monday at 4:30 pm. Share, Share, Share!

Thank you!


Please sign this petition to urge Councilman I.G. Burton to file as a Write-In candidate for the District 3 Council seat! IG has been a breath of fresh air and has earned re-election. This is not about political party affiliation; it's about getting the right representation on County Council, someone who takes the time to understand the complex issues facing Sussex, who understands the need to represent ALL interests, and who strives for fair and balanced solutions.

  • IG understands both the benefits & down sides of development. He understands that unbridled growth, poorly managed will hurt everyone’s property values. He wants to preserve the things that attracted us here through responsible growth ...and has the track record to prove his commitment. Losing him now would end all progress made. 
  • IG understands the dual challenges of sea level rise and pollution; his work on buffers is necessary to reduce flooding and protect water quality.
  • His efforts to preserve open space have created good will partnerships with ALL stakeholders, including landowners, will benefit residents for generations to come, and will support two of our most important economic engines - tourism and residential real estate.
  • As a seasoned businessman, IG also understands Sussex's economic growth imperative and the need to attract jobs. He knows that to ensure the best long-term benefits for Sussex, growth should be responsibly managed - unbridled growth is what gave us many of the issues we have now!  He has also been a major supporter of the new Georgetown Industrial Park. 
  • As a seasoned Councilman, IG will continue this good work.

Let's convince IG to file as a Write-In candidate, that we will support his campaign, and that we will vote for him in November!

Cape Gazette Endorsement

Future of Sussex at Stake

Protect Our Economy

Integrity and Compassion

Former Councilman George Cole's Endorsement