Help us protect children and families and make our communities safer to live in

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I care about the safety of children, Family's, and communities across the United States. The current out dated policy's in place in family courts are bankrupting family's placing children in abusers homes and making our communities dangerous to live in.

It is time to address the family court crisis and stop ignoring parents pleas for help and retaliating against them for standing up for the protection of children and instead stand with them and against the family court corporation harming children and families.
I hereby request the immediate removal of judges from the afcc and the aaml which could be in violation of cannon laws(if it is not legislation drafted stating it is) see link
I request immediate enactment of legislation that States child safety is the paramount concern in all child custody proceedings
I request the immediate investigation into the Wisconsin afcc International headquarters in Madison Wis. operating with out a current ein number see link
I request the removal of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in family courts bankrupting families and placing children in abusers homes for profit see link
I request the removal of the friendly parent provision punishing parents for protecting their children from reported abusers see link
I request an immediate public integrity investigation into every case involving afcc members who may have been case rigging, violating parents constitutional rights , and dragging out cases for the benefit of the afcc and it's members see link

Note this is an National/ international organization and i care about all children's safety see link Wisconsin holds international head quarters for the Afcc? 

See also Victims and critics of the afcc ?