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End pit bull discrimination

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I have a pit bull, she's one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had and met. Just because pit bulls have a past of being aggressive doesn't mean all of them are aggressive. It depends on the owner and how the owner trains the dogs to be. You can make any dog aggressive by training them to be aggressive. We camp and we want to take our girl with us but because of the fact that these dogs are seen as aggressive, we can't take her with us. She's my girl, my best friend. If we work hard and work together, we can make a difference. It just makes me so mad that everyone thinks pit bulls are an aggressive breed. Once again, it's the owner, not the dog breed. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive. Can you all just understand that? Imagine someone hating on an animal that you love so much and wish they understood how it feels toward you and your pet. Your baby, being hated on. That's how it feels towards my family and I. The shelters are full of pit bulls. Why? Because people dump them. And the dogs that don't find homes, are euthanized. Millions of pit bulls across the world are being euthanized because people are so careless. And don't have a heart for the animals. My dog was dumped, at least the people had the sense to dump her at an animal hospital. But she was only a puppy. She was bitten up by spiders, and had worms and was in terrible shape. My aunt brought her into the animal hospital she owns. Took care of her, and nursed her back to health. But they had her for too long and they were going to euthanize her. I went to meet her and fell in love with her the instant I met her. I wasn't letting her die as young as she was. She's now my baby and I wouldn't trade her for the world. Think about how many pit bulls are being euthanized each year due to being dumped. A majority of them are puppies. See if there's a place near you, that rescues pit bulls, I'm sure they'd be very happy if you took interest in their animals, don't let any dog get euthanized just because of the hate from other people. Please can you help me make a change and change the opinions of the world on pit bulls?? They're really not nearly as bad as you think. Give them a chance and you'll be happy you did. They're some of the sweetest animals you'll ever meet. My grandfather was afraid of pit bulls, he didn't want to meet our girl, but he did and he loves her and she loves him so much. Now he regrets his hate for pit bulls, she proved him wrong. Give the dogs a chance... And, yes there are some that are aggressive, but that's because they're scared and most likely have a past of being abused. Animals reflect on past experience with humans. If you treat your animals right, and don't train them to be aggressive; we'll have more pit bulls being adopted. Thank you so much for your support!! I appreciate it and so do the dogs :)

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