GOODSTART early learning centres should be shut down !!! ....

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I call for suspension of Goodstart’s services under current CEO and staff to newly appointed Administration. It’s not a difficult decision that Good start Early learning centres should indefinitely shut down their bus service!! Goodstart is a early learning childhood centre for kids aged 6weeks to five years and they should be focusing on just that ! 

Goodstart provides before and after school care to siblings of toddlers that attend their childcare and they claim that their bus service is non for profit for vulnerable children though it has caused the death of a child and caused countless others psychological damage! 

Let’s face the truth their bus service is so goodstart can have a perk over other centres that don’t provide that service and in doing so have larger clientele.Goodstart is a childcare centre and they’re failing at keeping children safe for greed! I understand the convenience of the before and after school care for parents but that can be safely obtained at most primary schools!

On the 18th of February 2020,  a three year old boy was left on one of Goodstart’s childcare bus once again , which is driven by their staff. The child was picked up from his house in the morning stopped at the primary school to drop of children then left in the van until school pick up in extreme heat and has passed away.This is not the first time this company has left a child on one of their buses with more cases coming to the surface !

One of the cases is my daughter which nearly died at 15 months old on a 32 degree day left for an hour and 5 mins ! The only reason she was found was that a staff member came out to put rubbish in the bin near where the bus was parked. The centre director of the centre was the driver of the bus that picked up my daughter , no ambulance was called, I wasn’t notified until 2 hours later. The staff were trying to get me to sign a incident report and sweep it under the rug!

In my case as it didn’t result in my child dying I was the one that had to contact The department of education , The police and the media regarding the incident to ensure that the centre would be in the spotlight to be held accountable !

I was told that the childcare bus procedures were going to be changed during a court meeting by the centres lawyers and ensured this would not happened to another child. Goodstart were fined on two accounts by Queensland education for the negligent and misconduct.

NOW that as a child has died I call on the Queensland government to shut down their current administration or at least their bus service before any other child is hurt ! No more turning a blind eye to their ‘accidents’ Please ! Goodstart have now  shown their incompetence in training their staff and having suitable procedures in place in regards to this bus service , they had two years to correct it. 

Please sign this petition in attempt to ensure another child isn’t hurt by this negligent company ! No more false promises of our children getting a goodstart when some are clearly not ! let’s get together as a community and make this childcare liable for their actions  !!