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Free Josh Lee

Josh "Seung" Lee, a guitarist/vocalist/violinist of ELDREN has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E) since June 4th due to a mis-leading legal advice he has been given.
The immigration thinks Josh is a threat and he is on the brink of deportation back to his native country, S. Korea.
Everyone and anyone who has known Josh personally or has ever played shows with him knows that Josh is NOT a threat to this community. If anything, he has been an important member of the Denver music scene and dear friends to many.
His detainment has brought everyone in the community together and people are doing everything they can to help his release. How could a guy that has this much influence on people be of any harm?
Please sign this petition not only to free Josh, but to let the world know that his absence could greatly affect the Denver music scene and that there are many people waiting for his release so they can hear him play that amazing fiddle of his.

Personal message from Josh to his supporters:
"I am tremendously overwhelmed with all of the support and love everyone's been showing me. I am waiting patiently here at the detainment facility and I can't wait to share my passion and music with you all once again"

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  • I.C.E detainment facilities across America
  • Department of Immigration

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