Waive Off Rent {Commercial+Residential} Payments in Bengaluru - April to June'20 [Corona]

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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak,

  • people already are struggling to carry out their regular activities. They are not able to pay their normal day to day bills.
  • On top of this, Corona Virus (COVID 19) situation compels Government all around the Globe for Lockdown.
  • This is the time businesses shutdown and people should start worrying about surviving than getting pressured by the Wealthy, Landlords asking for payments when there is almost no option of earning money.
  • A lot of small businesses are affected badly and cannot generate any money to pay the rent,
  • and also individuals can't afford to pay the rent for houses.
  • Chief Minister of Karnataka and higher authorities must use POWER to ensure NO RENT PAYMENTS in Bengaluru (Bangalore) until COVID 19 vanishes from Earth, or atleast till June 2020 (starting from April 2020).
  • There should be 100% Waiver for both Commercial as well as Residential rent collection across Bengaluru (Bangalore) till June 2020 [atleast].

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