Please help to Open an investigation into my case and help prove my innocence.

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Tim and I need your help, your signature on this petition will help us continue the fight for Tim's Justice and Freedom. Let me introduce you to Tim, he is a decorated former US Marine, who selflessly served his Country and is in dire need of your support. Wrongfully convicted of a murder and sentenced to 63 years in prison on October 4, 2008, we are seeking his exoneration.  Every action, and show of support including your signature on his petition  makes a significant difference in our plight to bring Tim home.

For the last 12 years, Tim has tirelessly fought to prove his innocence, gathering evidence and seeking representation to have his case retried. Tim and his wife  are unwavering in their efforts to prove his innocence once and for all. During his incarceration, Tim has studied and received his paralegal certification so that he can better navigate his way through the justice system that has wronged him for so many years, as well as provide counsel and the media on all of the evidence, Police and Prosecutorial misconduct that has occurred over the years since the time of his arrest in 2008. Although trying to prove his innocence whilst incarcerated is an almost insurmountable feat, Tim and his wife  have never given up hope to have his case retried and continue to gather evidence in his favor.

Sadly, Tim was framed for a murder committed by a Deputy Sheriff’s son. The evidence that could have proven his innocence was never presented in the Court and even trajectory analysis reports that would have further proven his innocence have conveniently gone missing. Tim, like many other wrongfully convicted prisoners in the US, needs trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced counsel in order to be exonerated and come home. It is tragic for Tim, an honorable, honest man, a decorated veteran, father, son and husband, spend his life in prison for a murder he did not commit while the guilty party is free to live his life in society without repercussions.

 We hope that 2021 is the year that we have so patiently worked for in regards to Tim’s justice. Thank you for reading and your ongoing support, there are no words to describe how humbled we are by your words and support.

With many thanks,

Tim Wright and Danielle Laskie-Wright