Publicise Plans for Using Nirbhaya Funds for Women’s Safety

Publicise Plans for Using Nirbhaya Funds for Women’s Safety

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Started by saloni chopra

That girl could’ve been me - I keep repeating that to myself. Unable to stop the tears... because while this is an ‘inhumane act’ for you - it's the reality for women all over India every single day.

No woman in India wants to be remembered as “India’s Daughter”. Because India’s Daughter has now come to mean only one thing: a woman who is raped, brutalized and murdered in the most gruesome way. A woman whose family is promised speedy justice, whose real name is erased from public memory and one who becomes the subject of another “Justice for” campaign that trends on social media.

The Hyderabad doctor followed all the rules that society lays out for us women and yet she is gone. She was raped and burnt alive on her way back home after work at 9:30pm - a time that many of us commute home in our own cities. Her last words to her sister on the phone were: I am scared.

The truth is that all of us are scared. None of us is any safer now than she was on 27th November. Because, as it turns out, the Nirbhaya Fund, which was set up following the outrage post the December 2012 rape and murder, to promote women’s safety is not being used!

I googled it and found that Telangana, where the doctor was from, has used only 4% of the Nirbhaya Fund. (Rs 419 lakh out Rs 10,351 lakhs)

Sign my petition asking the Women and Child Development Ministry on priority issue an advisory to ALL STATES, particularly Telangana and Maharashtra (where I live) to come up with a plan to use Nirbhaya Funds and make their plans public by the end of the year.

This shouldn’t be an event that we just forget and move on from, till the next brutal gang rape. 

I need your support. Sign My Petition #NotIndiasDaughter

86,336 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!