Hyderabad lakes on SOS

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It was Bengaluru and the toxicity is visible in Hyderabad. 


Hyderabad lakes are swifting away into the clutches of pollution. We need to immediately act in protecting and preserving them.

Dear Sri K T Rama Rao, Sri Laxma Reddy and Sri Jogu Ramanna, environment plays a vital role in each one of our lives and we urge you to take stern measures towards this.

By having the lakes (RK Puram, Safilguda and others) cleaned on priority

By strictly monitoring garbage/sewage transfers into these lakes 

By immediately taking action against pollution caused by old concrete rubble dumped into water bodies to make them sellable

By withholding any sort of encroachment by builders hereafter and if possible correcting the damage already done

By stopping ganesh (made with POP and harmful colours) immersion or the likes and banning the making of idols with harmful chemicals. We all love lord Ganesh but our lakes seem to no longer absorb the chemicals with increasing size and number of idols. Let people only buy idols made of mud and immerse them at homes. As the size of an idol grows year by year so does the pollution in lakes which is a serious menace all living beings!

Please save my city by initiating stringent and immediate measures to stop polluting them in future.