Save Hvar's Cats!

Save Hvar's Cats!

May 3, 2021
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Hvar Island's local politicians
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Why this petition matters

Started by Eco Hvar

Cat killings on Hvar Island are a long-standing problem, even though such actions are against the law. We understand why some people hate cats, so we are proposing a solution to solve their grievances. Our Project will function with the support of the local authorities, with finance through donations and sponsorship from businesses and individuals.

The main priorities:
1. The sterilization programme. This programme already functions on Hvar and is succeeding in gradually bringing down the number of homeless cats. (Sadly, some of the cats poisoned in Hvar Town during the last year were sterilized, making the trouble taken over the sterilizations a meaningless waste of resources.)
2. Establish feeding stations at different convenient points in each locality, alongside toilet facilities (sand or soil, in a litter tray if there is no natural alternative).
3. Provide incentives for firms and individuals who participate in the project.
4. Create an educational campaign for young people and adults, emphasizing how and why cats can be looked after for the benefit of all.
5. Issue warnings through posters and media announcements that the local authorities will participate in actions to bring suspects to justice when they break the law and kill the cats.
6. Create a slogan / logo for the project (On the lines of 'Hvar cares', 'Hvar for Cat Care', 'Hvar, the Island Which Cares' or whatever seems most suitable).


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Signatures: 3,325Next Goal: 5,000
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