Approve The Cove & Don't Scare Off Investors From Hurricane Utah

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FACT; Lost Trails at the Cove is proposed as a master planned community on undeveloped currently zoned R-1-10 or (1 home per 1/4 acre). This 340-acre parcel is bounded by 600 North on the south and Sky Mountain golf community on the west.
There is a large cinder cone formation that essentially sits in the middle of the development that dictates the layout of the project which wraps around the north side of this formation.
While not 100% of the property could be subdivided into 1/4 acre parcels the number roughly translates into 1,360 potential 1/4 ac.home sites and homes. With a minimum of 2 residents that translates into 2,720 potential residents. With 3 average home occupants that would be over 4,000 people living on the site. Remember, these numbers are without any zone changes.
Most of these homes will have 2-3 car garages. 2 vehicles per home translates into 2,720 vehicles using 600 north for daily excursions and errands. This is already permitted on the site and requires no action from the Planning Commission or City Council.

FACT; The Lost Trails development proposes a residential community that would incorporate hiking trails, open spaces, and land planning to take advantage of Goulds Wash, the Cinder Cone and natural beauty of the area.
A small portion of between 15-20% on the extreme east boundary of the property has been proposed as an amenity for the immediate community as well as the area. This amenity consists of a western themed shopping center and park that would include a "Spanish Gardens" a dinner theater and other attractions.

FACT; The Lost Trails community would, therefore, be a mixed-use master planned development. Most of the project will be single-family homes, hiking trails & small parks, and open space. Portions of the development will be higher density residential that is closest to 600 North as well as the Park and Town Square/Hotel/Shopping/Theater. etc..

FACT: Sky Mountain is also a master planned development that includes a clubhouse/pro shop, dining, parking and golf course that requires equipment.

FACT: There are multiple subdivisions as well as larger planned communities in Hurricane city limits as well as the immediate valley that required mixed use or similar zoning modifications
Sky Mountain community was built on open space vacant land that used to be enjoyed by Hurricane residents as well as hikers and bikers of days gone by. Many were opposed to the development of Sky Mountain for many of the same reasons cited in the circulated petition. (increased traffic, taking away views and historic uses, etc.)

FACT:" With the development of the 349 acres east of Sky Mountain will the traffic increase? Yes.
Will there be an increased demand for water and city services in general? Yes, but exponentially less than a golf course community.
Will the City of Hurricane be required to improve roads and infrastructure throughout the city? Yes, regardless of this development going forward.
Can the residents in the immediate vicinity of the proposed Lost Trails project purchase the property to have it remain open space or a private park? Yes. It's available. It would obviously require an investment from all property owners in the area of several thousand dollars each. Unless gifted as perpetual open space, the county would then prorate the property taxes, the new owners would be responsible for insurance and liability issues etc. Expensive and not feasible.

A petition was submitted against The Developer of The Cove subdivision based on fearmongering and false information.  It claims among other things that the planned community would, "create crippling traffic, noise levels that would ruin peaceable

enjoyment of property within miles, light pollution of our invaluable night skies, and
would negatively affect our property value."  These claims are simply false and it's no wonder why there was an uproar. The show is INSIDE, there is no light pollution.  It's behind the cinder hill and is not viewable from Sky Mountain nor 600 North.  The capacity is 1500 people!  It's tiny.  It's Disneyland QUALITY, not quantity.   Crippling traffic?  Hardly.  There are 4.5 Million visitors to Zion Park each year and they are afraid of 1500 people in optimal and peak levels, paying city taxes?  If you want your roads to fall to ruin, that's a quick way to do it.  Most that are against the community would be pleasantly surprised if they looked at the actual plan instead of listening to the misinformed, shut-the-door-after-me move-ins. 

This investor could be scared away from Hurricane, but the property is still zoned to have thousands of residents, whether it includes an entertainment factor tucked away out of site or not.  Look at the site plan yourself! 

This petition is to encourage the Hurricane City Council to approve the investment into our community and not allow our city to close its doors to those who would like to join us in this beautiful area.  

Controlled and quality growth is exactly what we need.  The Cove is the type of quality needed to discourage slum growth and aging.  Let's show the city council that the loud minority doesn't represent us.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!