Social Justice For Us would like to have a peaceful, productive conversation with John S.

Social Justice For Us would like to have a peaceful, productive conversation with John S.

November 1, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Since June of 2020, Social Justice for Us (SJFU) has been bringing awareness to racist comments made by John Scheidt. Despite conversations with Huron Mountain Bakery employees, silent sit-ins, social media outreach, protests, and personal emails, John Scheidt has yet to respond to SJFU’s attempt to organize a discussion. SJFU will continue their attempts to open a dialogue with John Scheidt regarding the harmful effects of racist ideology. SJFU does so in commitment to making Marquette a safe and welcoming place for BIPOC and other marginalized communities.

Social Justice for Us Executive Director, Fred Sims on continuing protests: “John’s silence is a daily reminder of his privilege to say such things. As a staple in the Marquette community, business owner, and community member we should hold John accountable because it's our responsibility and right. If we as patrons and community members stand by his blatant denial and lack of care and respect for his peers, why shouldn’t we protest and boycott Huron Mountain Bakery?”

SJFU Head of Activism, Gabe Noel, weighs in on why Boycotts are the organization’s response to John’s silence: “The action taken before engaging in a boycott in our community is to first listen to my peers on whether or not it’s relevant and has gainful purpose stemming from our own voices and unheard voices... Boycotting Huron Mountain Bakery has become the only outlet available in order to engage in a gainful discourse for all parties, We are here to advocate diversity of thought and people while maintaining an inclusive and holistic approach to our humanitarian nature. We are here to let our community know, including John, we will not be passive.”

Timeline of Events:

1. June 3rd, 2020-John Scheidt’s comments were shared with SJFU and the public. All Huron Mountain Bakery and Babycakes social media accounts were taken down.

2. June 9th, 2020- SJFU had the first protest, a silent sit-in, in response to John’s comments. Fred Sims left his information with employees in effort to contact John.

3. June 9th, 2020- Correspondence was made between SJFU and a Huron Mountain Bakery employee who was in support of the protests. Our response requested the audience of John Scheidt.

4. June 11th, 2020- SJFU held a silent sit-in at Huron Mountain Bakery. Fred Sims had a discussion with an employee and requested a discussion with John Scheidt.

5. Throughout the following months, multiple public social media posts and comments have been made by SJFU and Fred Sims stating interest in having a discussion with John Scheidt. Offers were extended for him and his businesses to sign the SJFU Safe Place Pledge.

6. July 12, 2020- An SJFU protest at Huron Mountain Bakery was met with armed anti-protestors.

7. July 17th, 2020- Fred Sims organized a die-in at Huron Mountain Bakery. This was not an official SJFU event. Six protestors were arrested.

8. September 29, 2020- SJFU sent an email to John Scheidt requesting an open discussion.

9. October 5, 2020- A copy of the email was dropped off in person to Huron Mountain Bakery.

10. October 5, 2020- A Babycake's barista manager signs Safe Place Pledge.

11. October 8, 2020- The signed Safe Place Pledge was photocopied and sent to John Scheidt. No response to date.

12. Nov 1, 2020- Safe Place Pledge sticker still isn't placed in the business window or seen for display to date .  

Statement from SJFU Secretary, Taylor Sirard: “Despite all of our attempts over the past four months, John Scheidt has yet to respond or, in any way, take accountability for his harmful comments.”

It is time for Marquette County residents to hold John Scheidt accountable publically. By signing + sharing this petition, you are:

1. Taking a public stand against the racism and bigotry expressed by owner of Huron Mountain Bakery John Scheidt

2. Helping raise awareness about issues that plague the BIPOC community in Marquette County

3. Showing support for SJFU’s mission: Social Justice For Us is uplifting the voices of marginalized people in Marquette. In rural, predominantly white communities, it’s hard to organize any one group for underrepresented peoples, including but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and impoverished communities. Oppression is intersectional, so we have created a united front to fight against injustice and to promote education.


Thank you! Please share with the Hashtag #WhyIsJohnStillSilent

Sincerely, SJFU


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Signatures: 415Next Goal: 500
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