Help us bring a Rainbow Crosswalk to Downtown, Goderich!

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Dear Friends

I am campaigning with 104.9 the Beach and Huron County PRIDE to have a Rainbow Crosswalk painted in the downtown core of Goderich, Ontario

My eldest child, Emmet identifies as transgender and gay. Emmet has attended forums in Ottawa and Toronto learning about furthering the cause of tolerance and inclusivity. Inspired by Emmet’s activism and in an effort to show Emmet that allies can be found even in smaller communities.

From Emmet:

“The idea of having rainbow crosswalks is incredible. It gives the town of Goderich many opportunities and ideas regarding the LGBTQ+ community. It would allow for a more open and accepting community. It may not change others’ views, but it will change the way others view Goderich. Goderich is known as “Canada’s Prettiest Town,” so let’s keep this amazing image by showing that we are inclusive and respectful to everyone of all genders and sexualities. As a member of the queer community, I find it difficult to find people who will give me the respect I deserve. A rainbow crosswalk will not only look beautiful, but it will also create an environment that I, and other LGBTQ+ members, can feel safe in.
There is always the chance people will disagree with the rainbow crosswalk, but in reality it will get them talking about it. This, I believe, is the best way to get people to understand our situation. If they are discussing the topic, then there is bound to be positive feedback. I believe if enough people are talking positively about it, then it may encourage others to follow. This creates opportunities to educate people on queer issues."

My other appeal to you is that, with our new refugee families in Goderich, it would be an excellent way to let them know that we accept everyone- including them. While a rainbow crosswalk does not seem to directly affect these families, it still does send an inclusive and loving message.

The coloured crosswalk would also lend to the aesthetics of the downtown core, creating an outdoor space which would shine in colour and meaning.
A Rainbow Crosswalk would allow for the town to capitalize on a greater social media presence. The news coverage of such crosswalks would create a stir among supporters, leading to social media shares, and images of the crosswalk snapped by residents and visitors alike.

Creating an environment of tolerance and inclusivity begins with conversation. Whether or not Rainbow Crosswalks are in the town’s future, simply discussing it is a positive first step.

Rainbow Crosswalks would also provide an interesting tourism opportunity, capturing the attention of those who spend travel time and dollars in inviting communities.

The Goderich Town Council is willing to consider our rainbow crosswalk proposal  and have listed March 20th 2017 as the day for the final vote on this issue.  As it stands right now, we have two members of council supporting this initiative and two members against it.  With three councilors holding out until next council meeting to cast their votes.  Citizens of Goderich, I would like to invite you to join our efforts! We respectfully request that you sign this petition for cause and to show Town Council that people in this town and surrounding area support equality! We need your help to reach our goal for implementing the Rainbow Crosswalk this year – to coincide with the Pride Flag being flown at the Goderich Courthouse during Pride Month in June of 2017!

PS:  This project is being  fully funded through private donations and selling rainbow gear (hats, socks, keychains) without tax payer support from the Town!  Consider donating today at

Thank you.



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