I support the current location of The Lodge on Green Mountain as it is proposed.

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We are petitioning supporters to let the Huntsville City Board of Zoning Adjustments know there is strong support for the The Lodge on Green Mountain to be built in its current proposed location (corner of S. Shawdee & S. Village Square).

Inspiration home owners, Green Mountain home owners and other members of the Green Mountain Civic League (GMCL) are in support of The Lodge being built at its current location. However, there are some members of the GMCL who strongly oppose it.

Below are the key elements of this issue and how each side views it:

1.    The way those opposed to the current location see’s it: The GMCL does not want The Lodge built anywhere on Green Mountain.  Their main concerns are:  traffic, safety, noise and an adverse affect on their property values-- None of which were a concern when they (The GMCL) purchased the 5-acre southwest corner in which they designated for a public park. 

2.    The way those in favor of the current location see’s it: Traffic, safety, noise and property values were never brought up when The GMCL purchased and designated the lot directly across the street to be a 5 acre public park.

a.    Traffic: Traffic will be slowed because of the 4-way stop Diltina is putting in at the corner of S. Village Square and S. Shawdee.

b.    Safety: The Huntsville City traffic department has concluded that the intersection is in fact very safe. No concern of vehicle or pedestrian safety is on their radar. Crosswalks are being put in place at all intersections of the 4-way stop. Green Mountain residents walking from Inspiration are at no more risk than those walking to the public park across the street.

c.    Noise: The Lodge facilities will be managed under all Huntsville City sound ordinances.

d.    Values: At the request of many Green Mountain residents outside the Woodland Homes communities The Lodge has now opened up memberships to all those living on Green Mountain. Therefore, this is a facility that all Green Mountain residents who chose to participate in will be able to benefit from. This will boost the values of all homes on the mountain.

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