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Reduce BPA in canned tomatoes- use cardboard or glass containers.

Hunts - Please reduce BPA exposure by putting your tomato products into cardboard or glass containers.

Cans are one of the worst sources of BPA as all cans have a lining containing BPA. The New York Times states "People who ate one serving of canned food daily over the course of five days, the study found, had significantly elevated levels — more than a tenfold increase — of bisphenol-A, or BPA, a substance that lines most food and drink cans."

Acidic food, like tomato products, causes the BPA to leech out of the lining of the can more than other canned items. HUNTS is one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of canned tomato products (and my personal favorite brand of Tomato Sauce). If they changed their packaging to cardboard or glass they would greatly reduce the amount of BPA consumed.


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