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Deer population control

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The California deer population and the quality of the herds have declined drastically in the last 25 years. There are many things that have contributed to the populations dwindling numbers, and there is also a logical solution. By reopening a hunting season for mountain lions, the California deer population would once again thrive.

Proposition 117 was passed in 1990, this banned the hunting and trapping of mountain lions in California. If you take a look on the website you can witness the steady decline in the deer population. If we were to abolish this proposition and allow the mountains lions to be hunted and trapped, we would be balancing out our ecosystem, and the deer population would start to return to a healthier level.

There is an estimated 6000 mountain lions in the state of California per the website. On average a mountain lion kills a large mammal every 10 days. That means they are killing close to 220,000 large mammals a year. Just for some perspective, the 2014 deer harvest record for California hunters was 37,951.

Since California does not have the deer population to support those numbers, mountain lions are now targeting livestock. In 2013, 148 depredation permits were issued across the state. In many of these cases government trappers are paid to come in and trap or shoot the problematic mountain lion. This means that not only is the deer population suffering, but now taxpayers are paying to fix a problem that has an easier solution.

The reason I am starting this petition is to show our governor that something needs to be done to save the deer population in California and furthermore, to protect our ranchers. For any of you reading this who may be on the fence about whether you want a mountain lion season or not, I encourage you to talk to your local Department of Fish and Game employees and wildlife biologists and ask them their opinion on the matter.

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