Hunters Valley, Hunter Mill Rd. Vienna, Three Story Commercial Property in your backyard?

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Hunter's Valley, HUNTER MILL ROAD


2347 Hunter Mill Road - site of the proposed “Zoroastrian Center”, adjacent to the Church of the Good Shepherd, has been identified by Benchmark Senior Living of Waltham, MA (represented locally by DC based Iron Point Partners, LLC that is “a registered investment adviser, (who) manages a series of real estate private equity funds formed to invest in OPPORTUNISTIC real estate transactions” and the Reston based acquisition/development firm of Orr Partners) as a site for their breakthrough into the Virginia senior living market. 

·        Discussions have already begun with the Fairfax County Dept. of Planning and Zoning to pursue special exception approval from the Board of Supervisors that would permit them to wedge a 73,000 square foot, 3-story, 35 foot high roofline, 117 bed assisted living facility on this lot.

·        Hunter Valley is currently zoned Residential Estate and is a peaceful, scenic, equestrian neighborhood with seven (7) parks (including Difficult Run Stream Park) within 4,158 feet of this proposed commercial development.  Horseback riding, cycling and walking trails currently run along Hunter Mill Road with the nearest riding/jumping ring just 1,404 feet away.

.        Consider your property values.  This is a unique community nestled in the center of Fairfax County.  Not many of these communities still exist.   

·        The Sunrise Assisted Living Facility, located appropriately in a commercial zone only 2.8 miles down the road, has a capacity of 100 beds.  Over the past three (3) years it has averaged eleven (11) EMS calls/month (FOIA from Fairfax County Dept of Public Safety Communications).

·        EMS traffic will greatly burden the flow of traffic on a road designated as a Virginia Scenic Byway, as well as add further to the congestion near the Toll Road entrance and the intersection of Hunter Mill Road and Sunrise Valley.

·        The addition of this commercial facility would require a rework/realignment of the entrance to it and the Church of the Good Shepherd.  What could happen next…another signal light?

·        1+1≠2!  The developers currently have a contingency on 10215 East Hunter Valley Road as well.  They’re proposing to patch this land together with the Zoroastrian property to create one (1) new “lot” to maneuver around the five acre hurdle.  Angelico Branch runs through this property too, so approximately 50% of that land is now environmentally protected by a Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (RPA), as well as Fairfax County Park Land. 

·        There is currently no sewer connection to either of the proposed properties that would be combined to create the new "lot".  Both lots now have houses with only 2 full baths in each.  The proposed Zoroastrian complex was to only have 2-2 1/2 baths and limited to 120 seating capacity.  The sewage requirements for 117 beds would be significantly different than anything in the neighborhood!  The closest sewer pump station is over 800 feet away and is between 10110 & 10112 Garrett Street.

·        Want to learn more?  Please contact your Fairfax Country Supervisors office. Catherine Hudgins is the Supervisor for this area of the Hunter Mill District. 

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