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Dissuade HCSO from pursuing absurd criminal charges against grieving dog theft victim.

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In September of 2014 my dog Kojack was stolen by a woman Ive never met who had an attachment with the animal through the previous owner. I had acquired him off the free section of Craigslist roughly 6 months prior to then from a man named Josh Gatto. Josh was at the time just caring for the animal with a friend, Nicole Derek, for the true owner, Sophia Feliciano. Sophia had instructed Josh and Nicole to find Kojack a new home as she was unable to care for him. After several months of being the new owner of Kojack I befriended Josh and allowed him to move into my home. I woke up on Saturday morning in late August of 2014 with Josh informing me he had taken Kojack to the park for a visit with Nicole and that she ran off with the dog and got into a large white truck with a man thought to be her boyfriend/pot grower buddy, which then sped away. I called police immediately and reqeusted to file charges for theft. I was informed that only the legal owner could do that and on the microchip it was still technically Sophia Feliciano's dog. Sophia sent a letter to the Eureka Police Department and eventually came up from Southern California to help me resolve the situation and transferred my name to the implanted chip and we were then able to file a formal police report. I actually got Nicole to call me once saying that she would return Kojack, but she never made right with that agreement. I messaged several 100's of people on her Facebook and Twitter page pleading with them to help me in any way they could with minimal results. I put posters in the neighborhood, on telephone poles, mailboxes, and even to go as far as on the eaves and door of the home she technically lived at when she wasnt out trimming with the white truck guy. I would return the next day to find all 100 or so posters I had placed removed so I started standing on the bed of my truck to get them as high as I possibly could to prevent their removal but still found them mostly gone within 24 hours. I probably put up 800-1000 11x14 bright neon yellow and green posters over the course of three months. I was told by officer Parambo of EPD that charges were being filled and she had personally called Nicole advising her to return my dog. Several weeks ago I received a call from Deputy Castle of the Humboldt County Sherrif's Department asking if I owned a dog named Kojack. I said excitedly, "yes he was stolen from me a year and a half ago, have you found him?" He told me that my dog had killed some livestock and was now in quarantine and that I was legally and financially responsible for the attack. I explained to him the circumstances of the situation and that there was no way I could be responsible for this and he informed me that he would conduct an investigation and get back in touch with me. I have not heard from him since. I found out yesterday that after his investigation they are intending to file charges against me and the rancher can sue me if he chooses. I also was just informed by Kym Kemp, a reporter i have working on this story that my dog was not infact in quarantine but was actually shot the day of the attack by the rancher. As if losing my dog wasnt enough I now have some worthless cop who must be so incompetent in performing a thorough investigation that he is now in the process of filing criminal charges against me. I seek the publics help by signing this petition to convince the Humbolt County Sherrif's Department and District Attorney's Office have any charges filed against me dropped and that Deputy Castle be repremanded for incompetence and putting me through an absolutely unnecessary emotional roller coaster while being the victim of a crime!! I did everything I could possibly do to get my dog back and should in no way be liable for any damage he may have caused in the care of the thieves who had him. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and to those of you who wish to sign and stand up for what is just.

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