Dirt, Dust and Mud - Improving Scenic Drive

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Scenic Drive in Trinidad provides access to one of the most remarkable, unique arrays of views, public beaches, wildlife, and seascapes in the world - and that access is at risk for hundreds of locals and thousands of tourists.

This historic road spans three miles of the most picturesque coastline, including access to three public beaches, three official viewpoints and numerous informal viewpoint pull-outs, providing expansive and intimate views of one of the most beautiful portions of the California Coastal National Monument.

What's the problem?  Humboldt County lacks sufficient funds to adequately maintain Scenic Drive, resulting in a sadly degrading road.  Pavement is being replaced with gravel, cracks and potholes cause damage to cars, and increased traffic loads exacerbate and accelerate roadway decay. 

Fall, Winter and Spring rains turn sections of Scenic Drive into mud, creating potholes and deepening existing holes - and occasional slumps and mini-slides close the road several times every year.

What's needed?  Raise awareness of the importance of Scenic Drive to Humboldt County and identify funding to maintain and improve the roadway.

If you are a local - resident, surfer, walker, runner, wildlife-watcher, painter, beach-goer, tide-pooler, view-partaker - and want to see Scenic Drive made safe for pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicles, please sign this petition.

If you are from out of town - tourist, business-person, environmentalist - who recognizes the importance of access to our limited coastline - please sign this petition! 

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