Humberside Police and RSPCA to seriously investigate the cruelty to cats in East Hull

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Over the past 2 years there has been a huge rise in the number of cats been attacked and killed by individuals with bull greyhound/lurcher type dogs in East Hull and the surrounding areas. These individuals are using cats as bait to train the dogs for illegal lamping, hunting and hare coursing. These are not just cats these are people’s much loved pets. In some cases members of the family. Most of the time an owner won’t be aware anything is wrong and just presume they are lost/missing. Any cat these dogs are released on stands very little chance of escaping and the suffering any poor animal has to endure been chased down and torn apart by dogs is horrific and cruel. This has been overlooked, ignored and allowed to continue for too long now and needs to be investigated and stopped our cats need protecting!