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My name is Daniel Radford. I've just turned 18 years old today. Along with the long list of freedoms, responsibilities and cause for celebration, this day also brings with it the fact that I am now old enough to be drafted.

In lieu of the US election of a militaristic, authoritarian president (following a contest between two warhawk candidates) who will only continue the blunders and destruction of the past and current US administrations, we must recognize our duties and our interests, as individuals and as a species, to resist ALL forms of the continuation and augmentation of state violence and militarism (be it in Ferguson, Standing Rock or Yemen). 

I am asking all people to sign this petition, not to demand that the president-elect pledge to end war and state-sponsored violence (which would be a futile pursuit of a would-be immediately broken promise). But rather, by signing this petition, regardless of your age, gender, nationality, draft-eligibility or political preference, you pledge to resist in all ways necessary any and all armed conflict and state violence. 

Not only has state-sponsored violence (be it called armed conflict, 'humanitarian' intervention or whatever propaganda-machine euphemism) been a humanitarian crisis, a failure of national and international institutions (the current, on going failure in Aleppo comes to mind), it has also been used to weaken democracy around the world and promote imperialistic, corporatist interests (for example, the post 9/11 'terrorist' witch hunt and the Iraq War, respectively) and distract from concrete issues to prevent populist, progressive movements from success (the death of LBJ's Great Society plan by the Vietnam War, for instance). For these reasons, YOU MUST RESIST!!!!!!!

Decent is patriotic, not war. Fight, resist, organize and vote for democracy, for peace, for freedom and for human rights! Not war!!!

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