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Greene County Humane Society should be a place that people can trust in, rely on, and work with in the hopes of saving, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals. It is important to have management that will follow shelter guidelines and go out of their way for these animals. Our current management, has not shown any of these. She made no effort to find the owners and got rid of Sugar in less than 24 hours.

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Greene County Auditor Matt Baker
Greene County Commissioner Rick Graves
Greene County Commissioner Steve Lindsey
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Greene County Commissioner Kermit Holtsclaw
One of our rescued dogs named Sugar, a hound mix, escaped her kennel after another rescue had been adopted out. The next day (November 29)when the shelter was open, Elizabeth Riggins (one of our head rescue people) called the GCHS and asked if a dog with her description had been turned in. Rene' replied, "No." Elizabeth then went to her neighbors' houses asking about Sugar. One neighbor admitted that he had turned Sugar into the GCHS the day before (November 28) in the hopes that her owner would look for her there. Elizabeth and the neighbor went to GCHS to claim her back. Rene' then told her, that Sugar was already adopted out. Sugar hadn't even been there 24 hours and she was never listed on the GCHS website or facebook page to be adopted out and the shelter has low traffic and limited hours. Rene' is claiming a hound rescue took her but will not disclose the hound rescue's phone number or name. I posted Sugar as missing on the GCHS facebook page and it was deleted. I had to post it again. She claimed the 72 hour hold was just a courtesy thing and not a law. So how are people supposed to have time to find their pets? Rene' belittled Elizabeth by calling her an irresponsible dog owner who didn't put collars on her dogs...Sugar had a collar on. Many responsible pet owners have had their pets get loose at one time or another, it happens to the best of us. We should have confidence in our local shelter that pets will be returned to owners and will not be lied to. Since Sugar's story, so many people are coming forward with their horror stories of GCHS, even former employees. Rene' has even called one of our rescuer's vet to get Sugar's vet records that are under our rescuer's name. I don't understand why she would do all of this and I certainly don't understand why she can't give us the rescue's information so we can see for ourselves that Sugar is alive and safe. Every Hound rescue around has been contacted, and none of them have even heard of Sugar. We even have a Hound Rescue supporting us. I honestly think she is in the wrong line of work. I know the job isn't easy but she doesn't put in the needed effort for those animals and talking down to people does not help the shelter's name. The shelter closes at 3, she is gone by 2:30 most days. I thank you for your time and for reading our story. I hope that something can be done about this and that the future of the shelter can turn around and get the people who have been so disappointed to start working with them again. Rescues are supposed to help other least that is what we do. And one more thing, Rene' knows about our rescue site and failed to contact us to see if Sugar was one of ours, she has also slandered our rescue by telling people lies. Please help our rescue group (Greene County, Indiana Pet Connection soon to be S.A.F.E. ANIMAL RESCUE INC.) get our Sugar back home and help the shelter get new management, one who will follow shelter guidelines and have courtesy to animal owners, one who will gain the trust of the people in our county once again. Thank you.

Rebecca Carmichael on behalf of GCIPC (S.A.F.E. ANIMAL RESCUE INC.)

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