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Stop dog meat factories in Korea

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In countries such as USA, Germany, U.K. And Europe see dogs strictly as companion or working animals and find raising and slaughtering dogs for food distgusting and wrong in any way possible, a lot of people in South Korea as well as in China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, eat dog meat. They have markets and factories where they raise and slaughter all kinds of dogs for food. In these farms, factories and markets dogs suffer from a lifestyle of extreme abuse just to be slaughtered in a brutal and inhuman way.  (Photos and an article about the humane society rescuing 57 dogs and signing a contract with an man who owns a dog meat farm in Korea) 

Younger South Koreans try to stay away from eating dogs, and the amount of South Koreans who eat dog meat on a regularly is small but not small enough, 2 million dogs are killed for food every year in South Korea, and over 100,000 metric tons of dog meat are consumed annually. The numbers rise in summer, as there is a belief that eating dog will keep a person cool. 

The dog meat industry has been estimated to be worth over $200 million. The farms that breed dogs to be consumed tend to raise types of large, yellow, mixed-breed dogs that are very common to South Korea. Also dogs that are victims of Abandonment are suffers of dog meat consumption. The abandonment of pets is common in South Korea. Dogs of all kinds fall victim to the dog meat trade. Abandoned dogs are at a huge risk of being  picked up by a collector, where they will be stuffed into wire cages filled to capacity with other dogs, and taken to a market. Moran Market (the largest dog meat market in the nation) and other smaller markets have stalls where they have dogs in cages waiting to be sold to a greedy consumer. The dogs aafter they are sold get slaughtered in front of other dogs and in broad daylight with people watching them. Imagine the horror a market like that is. 

By signing this petition you can help the movement of saving dogs from being consumed and put an end to the dog meat industry in Korea. Thankyou! 

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