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MAKE ADOPTING EASIER THAN BUYING. PEOPLE WANT TO ADOPT BUT ARE TURNED DOWN FOR ABSURD REASONS. shelters and rescue foundations with all their requirements make it harder to adopt than it is to just go purchase an animal. I feel strongly about adopting rather than purchasing but I have seen first hand good people with good and loving homes get turned down because of one single thing the shelter or rescue foundation finds wrong. I COMPLETELY agree that there should be an interview process to adopt a dog but I disagree with making it harder to adopt than it is to purchase. It is defeating the purpose of the cause!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should not be easier to purchase than adopt, no one should be told no unless they have a reason to believe the animal will not be treated properly or they believe the animal will be brought back. But I have heard of people getting turned down because of reasons like the following: they let their dogs off the leash in their own yard, they have stairs in their homes, not all dogs in the homes are neutered/spayed (this one I agree and disagree with, I understand the want to neuter/spay to keep from more unwanted animals being brought into the world when their are ones who don't have homes but on the other hand I don't think people are properly educated on the serious harm it causes a dog to be spayed/neutered before the age of one which is why my dog isn't neutered at 8 mnths), they have children below the age of 9, or they live out of state. We were once told no about adopting a 9 yr old dachshund because he was "too old for our home" and then they tried to get us to bring home a 6 month old puppy instead who would find a home three times as easily as an older dog would. So what is happening is that 9 year old dog that would get all the care and love it needs in my house will stay in that shelter or be euthanized because they decided he was too old for us!!!? We didn't think he was too old and I'm sure the dog didn't think he was too old but someone at a shelter decided to find a puppy a home before the older dog who needs it more. This is what I'm seeing from shelters and rescue foundations and it has me beyond frustrated. These are ridiculous reasons to turn down people who WANT to adopt a dog. In my opinion, no one who wants to bring home a dog in need of a home should be turned down of that unless they down right are not a good person and that's what back ground checks are for!!! It is never better that the dog stays in a shelter to get kennel cough or a number or illness or to get what they call "shelter sickness" where the dog gets so stressed and scared they are too far gone to be taken home by anyone. This is especially wrong at shelters where dogs are euthanized.. They would rather the dog be put to death than go home with someone who has an intact dog or has stairs. That animal did not decide to come to this shelter or rescue foundation and stay there until a human decided someone else was fit to take it home, that dog just wants someone to love them and care for them they don't care about anything else so why should we? THIS IS NOT RIGHT. THERE NEEDS TO BE A CHANGE. more shelters say no more than they say yes and that is NOT SOLVING THE PROBLEM. I am in no way against shelters or rescue foundations, I am just against how they decide to rehome the animals.

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